I was so hungry today, I must have gained about 10 pounds just eating my weights in pellets. WENT STRAIGHT TO MY THIGHS.


Cats are clearly just unhealthy eaters.


Cats are clearly just unhealthy eaters.

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Feelin’ Frisky

I’m just in the mood to fight, to attack your scales and your human oils.

Here I am today! 

Well, i’m just happy to be out of the petstore and in a caring college! My tempurature is suitable and my room is small but comfy! Thanks for the concern,

Winston the Fighting Fish 




My first day with Mary and Madelyn in Pinney!! 

Cute fish! That bowl really isn’t a suitable home for him though. He needs a tank of at least one gallon, with 2.5 or more being even better, and a heater as part of his basic needs.

Here are some caresheets that might help you help your fish!


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My first day at college in Pinney!